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    We Use

    Enterprise Level

    opensourse components to deliver you highload
    and reliable integrated solutions.

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    We Create


    We are responsible IT partner
    and will help your business grow faster.

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    Building Trusted
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    that opensource gives you.
    Discover new world of opportunities!

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We love Our Work

that is why our company exists.

We are software development company focused on python development located in Eastern Europe. Our main goal is to make business of our clients successful using latest technologic achievements.

  • Rex Software acceleretor

    Our Rex software accelerator will bring super super speed to your apps, reports and websites! With Rex Software accelerator things that were taking hours will take couple of seconds! We don't joke!

  • Rex Reports engine

    You can generate sale reports, price reports, order custom reports for this system. Quick and easy and in any format you wish.

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